RXLDT - 1,000 Pound Motorcycle Lift

Motorcycle Lifts


motorcycle lift

The RXLDT comes with two 12” side extensions, a wheel vise and dolly. The RXLDT is an excellent choice for anyone looking to service ATVs, motorcycles, or anything else that will fit on the 93” long x 48” wide table.

More Details 

  • Front wheel vise prevents wheel movement during securing,
  • lifting and maintenance
  • Foot pedal controlled power unit operates on 100 PSI air
  • Rear section (drop tail) is removable for complete rear wheel access
  • Side extensions are standard for ATV and additional vehicle service

  • Capacity 1,000 lbs.
  • Rise 33"
  • Min. Height 7-1/4"
  • Length w/ Ramp 113"
  • Length w/out Ramp 93"
  • Width of Platform 24"
  • Width w/ ATV Adapters 48"
  • Air Requirements 90-100 PSI
  • Shipping Weight 690 lbs.