R10 - 10,000 Pound Capacity Two Post Lift

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R10 - 10,000 Pound Capacity Two Post Lift

The R10 features 3-stage front arms and 2-stage rear arms - greater access to vehicle pickup points!

The Revolution Lift R10 is a no nonsense straightforward two post lift that’s engineering surpasses that of other comparable lifts.  A garage or small shop with the R10 will get a 10,000-pound lift that’s affordable and dependable.  This is a symmetrical lift, which means you’ll be able to drive through with plenty of clearance.  The multiple stage arms give you additional options for vehicle pickup points. 

Hydraulic cylinders are housed in column from above and pull the arm carriage upward.  This means the cylinders are always protected from the grit and grime that could possibly make their way into this area.  Cables are there for equalization, they provide no load bearing, it’s the cylinders and locks within the column that do all the heavy work with this lift.

  • Full stroke hydraulic cylinders in each column
  • Top mounted pull design cylinder protects piston inside of carriage
  • Overhead cable for equalization
  • Spring operated arm restraints, disengage at floor level
  • Padded overhead switch bar
  • Single point lock release
  • ALI Gold Certified Lift

More Details 

Specifications R10N400
Capacity 10,000lbs
Max. Rise w/5" extension 76-1/4" (1937mm)
Overall Height 143" (3632mm)
Overall Width 131" or optional 137" (3327mm / 4380mm)
Drive through clearance 99" or optional 105" (2515mm / 2667mm)
Overhead switch height 137-5/8" (3496mm)
Front reach (Min/Max) 24-1/2"" / 44-3/8" (621mm / 1127mm)
Rear reach (Min/Max) 36" / 58" (914mm / 1473mm)
Min/Max Adapter Height 3-3/4" (95mm) no adapter extension
8-3/4" (222mm) w/5" adapter extension
Width Inside Column 109" or optional 115" (2769mm / 2921mm)
Adapter Heights 3-1/2"and 5"
Voltage/Amps 208 / 230, 15 amps; 208/230, 16 amps
Motor 1ph*/2HP/50Hz; 1ph*/2HP/60Hz
Ceiling height required 144" (3658mm)
*3-phase available at additional cost
Lifts available in blue and red
Specifications subject to change without notice or liability